Both, the motivation of our trainers and the apprentice bonus system led us to achieve top performances.

Albert Hayr, Senior Expert for Software and System Architecture, Kapsch TrafficCom
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Albert Hayr, Senior Expert Software and System Architecture Kapsch TrafficCom AG, about his career path at Kapsch

“In 1995 I started an apprenticeship at Kapsch as a 17-year-old, after having left the technical college (Höhere Technische Lehranstalt, HTL) at the end of my second year without graduating. To my surprise, the first couple of years in the Kapsch apprentice workshop were set up similarly as they were in a college. Although the daily agenda again mainly consisted of “learning”, I was much more motivated than I was at HTL. This motivation came from the apprentice bonus system on the one hand and was brought out by the trainers themselves on the other hand. Both, the motivation of our trainers and the apprentice bonus system led us to achieve the highest performance.

From the second half of the second year of the apprenticeship, you are moved out of the apprentice workshops and go into various departments in the Kapsch Group. At the beginning of my third year, I started at Kapsch CarrierCom. In the early years, I worked in the I&C department and on DMS 100 for alternative network operators. Towards the end of my apprenticeship, I and the other apprentices were even given exclusive responsibility for carrying out smaller projects. I can certainly say that as an apprentice at Kapsch you were and are taken seriously right from the start and are fully integrated into the work processes.

I worked for Kapsch CarrierCom until 2016. I did not only get the chance to work on and improve customer solutions but also I grew with the tasks. After that I started as a Senior Expert for Software and System Architecture as well as Open Source to Kapsch PublicTransportCom. Since 2019 I am fulfilling this role at Kapsch TrafficCom at the Corporate Technology Department.

I have been working at Kapsch for 25 years now. Since the end of my apprenticeship I worked in different departments and collect valuable experiences. This helped me to develop continuously and to stay up-to-date. IT is a very fast-paced field full of lifelong learning. However, I also benefit from my many years’ experience I have been able to gather since 1995. I am convinced that choosing the apprenticeship at Kapsch was the right decision for my professional life because not only technological knowledge but also motivation and ambition are the key to a successful career!


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