Cooperation project with the University of Applied Sciences (UAS) Technikum Vienna: finger-and-lip-mouse

The collaboration with institutions and networks is an important element within our apprenticeship program. For example, in cooperation with the UAS Technikum Vienna apprentices of Kapsch Components have designed and implemented a redesign of the Finger-and-Lip-Mouse, or FLipMouse for short.

The FLipMouse is an electronic input device developed by the UAS Technikum Vienna, that enables people with reduced mobility to use computers. A control is moved with the lips or the fingers, which triggers mouse movements and other actions on the computer.

In order to simplify the setup of the device, and to be able to use the FLipMouse more quickly, our apprentices have designed a circuit board pre-equipped with SMD (Surface Mounted Devices) and a suitable housing, which was manufactured with a 3D printer. Additionally, built-in WLAN and Bluetooth technology opens up completely new ways to interact with the environment and to control electronic devices directly with the FLipMouse.

At a closing ceremony with all those involved in the project, the optimized FlipMouse was presented and handed over to the wife of a former Kapsch employee.


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