Cooperation with ‘Maker Austria‘

A cooperation with ‘Maker Austria‘ allows our apprentices (in their first year of training) to apply what they have learned so far. In a so-called Maker Space, an open workshop equipped with all kind of tools and machines, they can try out various techniques such as lasers, soldering, milling, and much more. During a year, there are various projects realized, like for example a Christmas project.

Planning and implementing these projects is part of the apprenticeship training. Of course, the apprentices also receive support from the trainers.

Maker Austria is an association that offers all tinkerers the opportunity to realize ideas and projects. Materials (wood, clay, textile) and technology (electronics, robotics, 3D printing, laser cutting) can be combined as desired.

The open workshop and modern production techniques make Maker Austria the perfect place to exchange experiences, to create something new and to learn from doing things together. In addition, all age groups are represented, so the apprentices have the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and skills of other participants.


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