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Kapsch as an employer

The companies of the globally active Kapsch Group offer numerous national and international career prospects - during your training, after completing your studies or when directly entering the job of your choice.
With respect, appreciation, equal opportunities and transparency, we are living an open corporate culture in which we promote diversity and tolerance in our international teams.
As a global employer, we are proud to be committed to equal opportunities and welcome all applications, regardless of age, gender, religious beliefs/ ideology, sexual orientation and ethnic or national origin.
Our human resources experts will provide you with individual and targeted support and assistance throughout your career. Tailor-made innovative training and further education concepts in cooperation with your superiors are available to every employee to support your further development.

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Our Values

For the Kapsch Group, the pictured values are an essential element of the company culture. This is not just something we say, but rather our values are cultivated and practiced every day by each and every employee. They form the basis for our daily collaboration, with colleagues as well as with our clients and business partners. Thus, we make an active contribution to a responsible socio-political development.


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Compensation & Benefits

The Kapsch Group attaches great value to offering a balanced and up-to-date reward system. As we are regularly taking part in external salary market surveys and use the results as basis for all salary decisions, our employees receive a remuneration that is competitive and appropriate for their performances. Furthermore, our employees benefit from a great number of additional services that depend on the requirements and possibilities of the respective Kapsch subsidiary’s location. In our headquarter in Vienna, for example, we offer amongst others flexible working hours, health programs as well as meal allowances and shopping discounts.

Career development

Commitment and productivity are reflected in Kapsch’s career paths. The career paths on offer include not only the classic management career and a career in project management; we also give experts the opportunity to develop their specialized competence in depth.

The aim of these career paths is to strengthen our employees’ work satisfaction and motivation and to support them every day in developing themselves; because only employees that go the best paths for themselves are able to unfold their full potential and achieve peak performances.

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Onboarding - your start at Kapsch

During the onboarding event „Kapsch Connected“, new employees receive general information about the Kapsch Group and learn all necessary details about the specific subsidiary they are going to join. Moreover, topics such as further education possibilities as well as an overview of the company policy are presented. Finally, the new employees will be given an overview on our principles concerning quality, environment, safety at work, risk management, information security and equal treatment.

Kapsch University

Kapsch University

For Kapsch Group employees, being involved in the courses offered by the Kapsch University is one of the key elements of their individual career planning and personal development strategy. Just like in the company as a whole, the employees and their evolution are the central focus of the training provided by the Kapsch University. In return, we expect our employees to show a high level of self-interest in their further training, since it is only if there is a corresponding commitment that genuine progress is made towards the realization of personal goals. Further training is not an end in itself, but as outlined in our corporate strategy, it is a key component in securing the future of the company and increasing its own and its products’ and solutions’ market value. We need intelligent concepts and strategies from the best-trained, highly-motivated employees who are competent in their field and at an inter-personal level, put simply, from employees who are ‘always one step ahead’.

Kapsch University is organized in four segments:

The College

The College of Kapsch University is open to all employees of all functions and hierarchy levels. Every year, corridor topics are defined by a committee. These are topics that strategically concern a large number of our employees. In every course or seminar, we try to pay particular attention to the individual competences and needs of the employees. A corresponding evaluation of these needs is carried out during the regular employee review meetings.
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The Leadership Academy

The offerings of the Leadership Academy are directed towards existing and potential managers. The courses are designed especially to support the individual management levels. These educational measures are structured modularly and intended to be taken over an extended period.
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The Expertise Academy

The Expertise Academy focuses on content and strategic aspects. The focus lies on lasting optimization of professional competences. The offers are developed as needed and regularly redefined. At its core, the Expertise Academy is an in-depth, modularly designed selection of educational offerings of the highest professional level.
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The Brain-Trust

Kapsch University is supported in terms of content and strategy by a Brain Trust with membership from various bodies. This think tank meets several times a year to help shape the orientation and focus areas of Kapsch University. The Brain Trust is also responsible for strategic education projects and, when necessary, defines and initiates the corridor topics – topics that concern all employees.

Two committees exist independently from the Brain Trust:

The Technical Circle is a committee of internal and external experts whose objective is to study technical developments and derive necessary measures on this basis.
On the sales side, there is the Business Circle, which studies sales-related issues with the same goal.
The Management Convention is an event for all managers of the Kapsch Group that takes place every three years. The major content issues faced by the Kapsch Group are discussed and worked through here.
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Integration & Diversity

Integration & Diversity

The exchange of ideas and cooperation across borders, cultures and languages is a fixed part of the daily business in an international company such as the Kapsch Group. The very fact that in the headquarter in Vienna people from over 80 nations work together, shows that we live diversity in every aspect. In order to support that cooperation the best way possible and thus, to nurture the enormous potential of international and intercultural teams, we very much emphasize on continuing education. Thereby, we raise awareness and create mutual understanding and appreciation with the help of diversity and intercultural trainings as well as language courses.

Worldwide Job Rotation

Worldwide Job Rotation

A company like Kapsch, which operates on a global footing with branches and subsidiaries all around the world, lives by the productive exchange and intensive, cross-department and trans-national collaboration between its many specialists. Job rotation is therefore understood to be a key part of the corporate culture at Kapsch. Staff from the head office in Vienna spend some time in a branch in another country or – conversely – specialists from its subsidiaries work on a particular project in the head office. The aim is an exchange of knowledge and information, productive interaction between different cultures, and a process of getting to know one another which extends beyond borders and language barriers. It benefits our company as a whole, benefits our employees, and – not least – benefits our customers.

Daniel Rutter, Executive Vice President HR, Kapsch Group, on International Exchange
“Kapsch is about global presence and a cosmopolitan attitude. We are only able to play such a decisive role on the global market in as much as we appreciate and cultivate diversity, creativity, and our curiosity. That is why we offer employees opportunities for job rotation, collaboration with teams worldwide, and an international career. All participants benefit from this type of exchange and flexibility. That is why supporting and also requiring diversity, which is the decisive factor in the company’s success, is so personally important to me.”

Working together

Working together

The Kapsch Group wants to attract competent women and offer them interesting career opportunities. Hence we started several initiatives within the framework of “Women@Kapsch” that make us a particularly attractive employer for women. Topics such as internal exchange of experience, networking and the reduction of barriers are thereby of high importance. Flexible working hours are considered as a matter of course to ensure a better reconciliation of work and family. We offer that model to men and women – this creates equal opportunities.

Employee events
Solidarity and colleagueship play an important role in the Kapsch Group’s daily business, as these values contribute to a familiar and enjoyable working atmosphere. In order to promote these values and to give our employees the chance of getting to know each other also outside of the office, Kapsch regularly organizes employee events. Be it a summerly barbeque, the participation in a marathon or our annual Christmas party; here you will find the perfect opportunity for a talk off the daily business, an exchange of ideas or the networking with international and new colleagues.

family room@kapsch
The Kapsch Group takes different measures to support its employees in the reconciliation of work and family. Balancing both professional and family life often requires a high degree of flexibility, which is especially the case if childcare arrangements are cancelled at short notice. For this reason a "family room" was established. This room is equipped with a red couch, a small table, toys and a whiteboard and has enough space for up to two children. Besides, there is a working space installed, so that the parent can hold a meeting while the child or children are playing.

Communication with the CEO

Communication with the CEO

At Kapsch Group, we put great value on our communication culture, which unites all employees regardless of their level of hierarchy. This value is also strongly supported by our CEO, who himself is available for all employees via our ‘CEO Forum’. This communication platform on our intranet offers employees the possibility to talk about any issue important for them directly to Mr. Georg Kapsch, who answers questions raised in the forum personally.

Furthermore, we want to make sure that information is shared in time and that everyone is kept up-to-date about recent relevant issues and the business’ status quo. Therefore, we introduced the communication initiative “OpenLine2CEO”, which is a quarterly video message from Mr. Kapsch in which he addresses topics of global relevance such as global goals, key messages and key initiatives, and additionally answers questions from employees that are raised in advance. Thus we ensure that all of our employees around the globe feel as a part of our company and work together towards one goal.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility

Social responsibility
The Kapsch Group takes its responsibility to society seriously and is supporting various social and cultural institutions and projects. In addition to many years’ support for “Doctors without Borders”, Kapsch, for example, has provided funding for the “Next Generation Sequencing” project for St. Anna’s children’s cancer research since 2013; its goal is to improve the chances of cure for children with cancer. The initiative tech2people, which has started Austria’s first therapy program with a exoskeleton at Döbling Private Hospital in 2018, is also supported.

A very special project has been running at Kapsch TrafficCom since April 2019: young people and young adults with social and physical disabilities work together with our technology specialists on "artificial intelligence" (AI) in the areas of traffic and mobility. The "Annotation" team is responsible for fast and high-quality data preparation and thus provides the basis for a deep learning system. The social organisations "in.come" and WUK are our partners in the pre-selection process. A total of 15 young, interested participants have already completed a two-month work training course. Due to their excellent experience, two of the interns are now permanently employed at Kapsch to work in the annotation team on future-oriented mobility solutions.

Furthermore, Kapsch has committed itself to promoting contemporary art since 1992. With the announcement of the Kapsch Contemporary Art Prize in cooperation with the Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien (mumok) in 2016, the Group started a powerful initiative that showcases the work of young artists for an international audience with a three-month solo exhibition. For more than a quarter of a century, Kapsch has maintained a general partnership with the Wiener Konzerthaus, which, with its exciting and unconventional program, combines tradition with the cultivation of new audiences. Since 1989, the Kapsch Group also supports “Wien Modern”, one of the world’s most renowned festivals for contemporary music.


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