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You want to apply for a vacancy, but there is still something you would like to know beforehand? You require more detailed information about a certain topic? Let us help you – below you find the most frequently asked questions answered and arranged in separate categories.

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Application process

The fastest and most effective way to reach us is through our portal. There you can create a profile and then proceed to follow the steps below:

  • Step #1

    Please fill out all fields, paying particular attention to the mandatory fields marked with a *. You will not be able to proceed until every field with an asterisk is filled out.

  • Step #2

    Now you can attach a photo, certificates and other key documentation as a PDF attachment.

  • Step #3

    Submit your application; you will receive an e-mail confirming that your submission was received. Please allow some time for the application to be processed.

If you experience any troubles, please contact Daniela Giovannozzi.

Yes, this is possible. It is good to hear that we arouse your interest in different fields. Furthermore, we very much appreciate unsolicited applications in which you outline your interest and expectations.

What is most important for us, is your motivation! Please send us a strong cover letter, a detailed and clear curriculum vitae, copies of any diplomas and recommendations, as well as information on all training, project work, and theses. Please note that the more comprehensive the image you give to us is, the better we can classify and process your application.

If the submission was successful, you will immediately receive a notice of receipt.

The HR team assesses your application and calls in experts from other departments, if necessary. This could take up to three weeks. Depending on the requirements, the applicant will be asked to fill out an additional application form or visit an assessment center before a decision can be made. This process might take a little longer. In any case, you will get a response in writing.

If you managed to give us a convincing image of yourself, we will invite you to an interview with the relevant department head and a member of the HR team. The interview usually takes about an hour. Its intention is to get to know you as a person and find out about your knowledge and skills. In return, you will get the opportunity to get to know us!

In the Contact section you find all our recruiters‘ contact details. They are happy to help you with any request or concern. In addition, you find the contact details of the responsible recruiter in the respective job advertisement.

Yes, of course. We will not forward your documents to anybody outside Kapsch Group. Inside Kapsch Group, we only forward your application to check all potential working fields for you.

Data privacy

By submitting your application and agreeing to our data protection statement, you approve that all data transferred to us, including the data in your attached documents, will be stored in an applicant database that can be accessed by all Kapsch Group companies and that these data will be processed in the course of the application procedure.
Throughout the whole application procedure, we attach great value on data privacy and confidentiality, and thus we treat all data transferred by you as highly confidential.
At any time, you have the option of revoking your consent to our data protection statement. With that revocation of consent, you automatically withdraw your application at Kapsch.


You can complete the following apprenticeships:

  • Commercial apprentice
  • Information technology-system engineering
  • Mechatronics

Yes - Such 'trial days’ for the technical apprenticeship in information technology-system engineering and mechatronics take place each spring and autumn. The exact dates for 'trial days' can be found here.
As the number of participants is limited for each trial day, it is necessary to sign up therefor. When you sign up, please submit an agreement from your school stating that you are insured.
Here, you can subscribe directly for one of our Trial Days.

We recommend to apply from November until February. Those applicants with the best applications will be invited to an aptitude test by the beginning of the new year. Pay particular attention to the integrity of your application documents: CV, cover letter (with the apprenticeship you want to complete) latest school reports.

If your application is convincing, we will invite you to an aptitude test. If you pass that test, you are invited to a job interview. Afterwards, we usually inform you about our decision within a few weeks. At latest, you will know if you were accepted for an apprenticeship in spring, when we have filled all apprentices vacancies.

You will be invited to come to the job interview with one or both of your parents. We will ask you some questions about your personal motivation and what you already know about Kapsch Group. If you want to prepare some answers, have a look at our homepage.

If you applied for the technical apprenticeship, your strengths should lie in mathematics, science and German. Furthermore, as Kapsch is an internationally acting company, you will need English in your everyday working life. For the commercial apprentices, it’s also the languages German and English that are the most important, but also mathematics, as you will work together with technicians.

Basically the test will be in German. However, commercial apprentices will also have to do a part in English. You will be asked grammar rules and have to translate a few sentences.

The commercial apprenticeship takes 3 years to complete, the apprenticeship mechatronics takes 3,5 years and Information technology-system engineering takes 4 years.

As we offer a 2-years basic training, the apprenticeships can only be completed from the very beginning.

On 1st of September each year.

  • Commercial apprentices:

    Vocational school for Industry, Finance and Transport

    Längenfeldgasse 13-15, 1120 Vienna

  • Information technology:

    Vocational school for information technology

    Mollardgasse 87, 1060 Vienna

  • Mechatronics:

    Berufsschule für Elektrotechnik und Mechatronik

    Mollardgasse 87, 1060 Vienna

You can find information about the college, timetable and curriculum at www.bic.at.

You can find information about the vocational schools for technicans at www.bsit.at.

You can find information about the vocational schools for Industrial clerks at www.bsift.at.

Apprentices from the Austrian provinces completing technical training will study in Vienna for the first 1.5 years and have the opportunity to get accommodation at the Youth Residences:

FSW-LGM GmbH. – Fonds Soziales Wien -Liegenschafts- und Gebäudemanagement

1150 Vienna, Reichsapfelgasse 3

Tel. 01/870 17-2014

Contact: Mr. Klein

Further information: http://kwj.at

Kapsch supports apprentices in need of accommodation with 50% of the rent amount a month.

During summer, the adolescents work in the respective regional office (province) and therefore have to sign out from the youth residence for the months of July and August.

For those two months, there will be no financial support from Kapsch.

Training for the apprenticeship in IT-system engineering / Mechatronics

During your apprenticeship, you will spend around 10 weeks per year at the vocational college in Vienna – either for block tuition over several days and/or for individual days during the week.

During the first 18 months, we take you through the technical world of information technology as well as mechatronics in the Kapsch apprentice workshop. You are provided with the theoretical and practical toolkit to equip you for the next two years of training, which you spend in various departments. During your training, you also have the opportunity to take further courses to supplement your development, for example English or Social Skills. Before completing your apprenticeship, you undergo intensive preparation for your final exams in the apprentice workshop.

Training as commercial apprentice

Your training lasts 3 years, and is mainly provided through on-the-job training and lessons at the vocational college. You visit the college for around 10 weeks per year of your apprenticeship, on a day release basis. At the start of your apprenticeship, you spend 2 weeks in the Kapsch apprentice workshop to familiarize yourself with EDP and Microsoft Office. You will move between departments several times during your training. This is designed this way to allow you to gain wide-ranging experience, as well as to enable you to discover the activities and areas of work that you enjoy most.

A contact person is on hand all the time to support you as needed, helping you with everything from your first day through to your final apprenticeship exam.

Yes – Kapsch will actively support you if you want to go down the apprenticeship plus Matura route.

Your weekly working time amounts to 38.5 hours, in which you are not allowed to work more than 9 hours per day as an under 18 year old.

You have 25 working days annually as holiday, to be agreed with your supervisor.

As of May 1st, 2020, taking san apprenticeship as a commercial apprentice, in IT-system engineering or mechatronics, you will earn

EUR 896.88 gross per month (14 payments per year) in the first year

EUR 1,121.10 gross per month (14 payments per year) in the second year

EUR 1,345.31 gross per month (14 payments per year) in the third year

EUR 1,793.75 gross per month (Mechatronics: 7 payments per year / IT-system engineering: 14 payments per year) in the fourth year

If you hold a higher school certificate (Matura) the apprenticeship remuneration is higher, e.g. in the first year of training EUR 1,121.10 gross.

At Kapsch, good performance is always rewarded.

Bonus payments for apprentices:

Your assessment at Kapsch is carried out every 6 months. In the first year of your apprenticeship, depending on the outcome of the assessment, you can get up to 20 hours of free time, and in the following half-year periods, again depending on the outcome of the assessment, you can earn a bonus of up to € 300.00.

Naturally, your performance at vocational college is also rewarded. The basis for this is your annual report. For outstanding success, you receive a bonus of € 200.00, and for good performance € 70.00. If you receive an award for excellent school success in the 2nd and 3rd respectively in the 3rd and 4th year of training (depending on the apprenticeship) by the School Board and put that award before us, we reward your performance with a premium of EUR 400,00.

If you achieve outstanding success in your final apprenticeship exam, this is rewarded with a € 400.00 bonus.

If you take part in a professional competition and achieve one of the top three places, then Kapsch will reward you with a bonus of € 100.00 (first place), € 70.00 (second place) or € 50.00 (third place).

Subject to certain conditions (second year of the apprenticeship or later, minimum age 16, good performance, good knowledge of English), you can undertake an apprentice placement abroad as part of an international exchange of specialists.

Basically, this is possible if you want to change from a technical profession to another technical one; however, we only allow it in certain cases. It is not possible to change from a technical to the commercial one at all.

Once you have successfully completed your apprenticeship, there are many career paths open to you at a national and international level. Contribute your skills, and continue in your career development – there are wide-ranging areas of work and possibilities available to you.

Everything is possible – for example the Managing Director of Kapsch Components, Martin Fichtner, started as an apprentice at Kapsch.

In addition to your apprentice remuneration and possible bonus payments for good performances, you will also receive various social benefits such as a meal allowance, bank holiday weekends, etc.. In addition, you will also profit by further company benefits such as special shopping discounts and terms in our partner shops.

As an apprentice, you are given an apprentice free travel card by the transport operators.

HTL/ HTBLA JumpIN-Program

The JumpIN program starts every year, preferably in April.

The recruiting process starts every year in December with a job posting for this program on our career site onestepahead.kapsch.net

Starting in December of each year directly online to the corresponding job posting. We are looking forward to receive a detailed application with a letter of motivation, CV and certificates.

At the moment 3 jumpers are planned per year.

The origin of the Jumper does not matter for the employment, as long as a personal presence at the workplace is possible.

University of Applied Science/ University Internship Program

All of our intern positions are advertised with the exact content on our Kapsch careers page.
You can apply directly online to the desired job ad.

A degree with an IT focus is an advantage, but not a must!

The internship is possible at any time, regardless of the progress of your studies.

In principle, a thesis can be written as a supplement during the internship. However, the focus of the internship is on gaining professional experience.

Graduate Trainee Program

Vacancies for the trainee program are available in April each year.

The first station is predetermined. The other 3 stations can be chosen by the trainee in accordance with his/her special fields. At least one of the 4 stations has to be completed in a Kapsch subsidiary abroad. The other 3 stations take place in the Kapsch Headquarter in Vienna.

A Master's degree in Business or Engineering.


Most of our intern vacancies are available in the technical field. Thus, educational key areas such as computer science, information technologies, telecommunications, industrial engineering or electrical engineering are demanded the most.

Basically, you can apply for an internship all year long. If you want to do an internship during summer holidays, we recommend to apply in January/February.

Given certain circumstances, it is possible to do an internship abroad through the IAESTE exchange program.

Talent pool

If you can’t find a suitable job offer or you just want to keep in touch with us, we invite you to join our talent pool.


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