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Do you want to travel the world – and help us change it for the better? If that sounds like a mix that could work for you, then come join the Kapsch family!

The Kapsch Group is one of Austria’s most successful technology companies in future-oriented market sectors such as Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Information and Communication Technology (ICT).

Our team is on call around the clock, around the world, responding to questions that really matter about the future of mobility and digitalization, issues such as:

How can traffic flows in metropolises such as Buenos Aires, Mumbai, and Madrid be optimized in ways benefiting residents and the environment? How will a car need to communicate in future for driverless travel to be safe? How can the world of work be made a more uplifting environment by applying a smart office building concept? And how can we use Artificial Intelligence to transform traditional Austrian companies into the cutting-edge digital players of tomorrow?

These questions will define and shape our future. Which is why it takes a combination of curiosity, courage, and sheer drive to come up with innovative answers. Kapsch projects are designed to have a positive influence on our world, and make everyday life not just simpler – but safer too.

Ask questions that matter and help us design the future!

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Kapsch is constantly on the search for smart, curious minds who want to shape the future of mobility and communication together with us. This is why there are various roads you can go to always be one step ahead. No matter if apprenticeship, Master’s or professional experience; what makes the difference is your commitment, motivation and passion!

Next stop – your future!

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At Kapsch, we know that our success is significantly based on our employees’ performances, which is why we have made it our aim to support their satisfaction and working motivation the best way possible. We are constantly trying to keep the daily tasks at Kapsch enriching and inspiring and to guarantee a dynamic, familiar co-operation and atmosphere. Are we able to meet these high standards we set for ourselves as employer? See for yourself what working at Kapsch means for our employees!








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