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Magdalena Pyka-Dietrich, Trainee 2012-2014, Kapsch TrafficCom AG

My trainee station within KTC Argentina was a great professional and personal challenge. I worked in the finance & administration department and was mainly responsible for preparations as well as supporting the implementation of the new ERP system, which included: financial process adaptations, new financial process design, constant communication between the headquarter and the subsidiary as well as understanding of the headquarter requirements, local needs and limitations.

Additionally, I supported the controlling team in budget planning, monthly reporting, invoicing and all other daily ad-hoc tasks. Beside all those responsibilities, I was also able to improve my Spanish, I learned a lot about the Argentinian culture and made new friends inside and outside the office.

When I put on “subsidiary glasses”, the reality looked totally different to that one in the headquarter. These experiences helped me to understand the headquarter-subsidiary-relations and gave me a new professional perspective. It showed me how important the proper intercompany communication is and gave me an idea what we could do differently in the future.

Working at KTC Argentina in beautiful Buenos Aires was a great adventure and I’m glad that my supervisors gave me the chance to participate in such a challenging project! I would love to do it again at any moment!