Sometimes things turn out differently than expected...

Andreas Prüller, Trainee 2013-2015, Kapsch PublicTransportCom
Andreas Prüller image

It was 2013 and my studies were slowly coming to an end when I heard about the Kapsch trainee program for the first time. What was the most appealing to me most about it?

  • The opportunity to try out several jobs for some time before deciding on one.
  • The prospect of working in an Austrian family-owned company that has over 5000 employees around the world. At that time, I thought that this could be an exciting mix and my expectations were to be confirmed!
  • The possibility of spending some time in one of the offices abroad? No, not really – that was less exciting for me. But more on that later.

As I write this, it is exactly 700 days since I sat in a joint interview with 8 other candidates, where I also met my current colleagues. One month later, I started my traineeship in the marketing & communications department at Kapsch CarrierCom, my first out of four trainee positions.

Since then, I have spent 6 months each in Sales, Finance and Marketing, and worked on exciting projects there. As different as my colleagues, their characters and the challenges were at that time, they all had one thing in common: They broadened my horizons and gave me a comprehensive insight into the activities of Kapsch.

Quite often I talk with friends who are studying and thinking about their future career. In these conversations, my job at Kapsch is mostly the core topic. In these moments, I realize that the trainee program is a fantastic opportunity for job starters. I recommend all graduates to take such a program into consideration. For me, the project based work in different areas was the ideal entry-level position. Besides the extensive knowledge that I acquired, I am very thankful for the opportunity that I got to know many great people inside and outside of the Kapsch World.