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We are one of Austria’s leading technology companies, with more than 6,800 employees all over the world. Learn about our company’s philosophy and discover how we have always been that decisive step ahead since our company was founded 125 years ago. Get an idea of our business fields of Traffic, Communications, Networks and IT. Read all there is about our company values, such as responsibility, transparency and dynamic – and learn why they are so important for our success. And travel to the countries where Kapsch is at home – in Austria, Europe and abroad. We look forward to your visit.


Kapsch TrafficCom

International supplier of technology, solutions and services for the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) market. We offer end2end solutions from a single source.

Kapsch Components

Specialised in the manufacture of high-tech products with the highest regard for precision and quality – its product portfolio ranges from hybrids to subassemblies to system modules, from communications systems for voice and data through to traffic management systems for highway use.

Kapsch CarrierCom

Global solution partner for telco carriers and communication providers as well as railway operator: we offer technologies and services with the highest customer value.

Kapsch BusinessCom

Austria’s leading system integrator for state-of-the-art telecom and network enterprise solutions, as well as provider of IT solutions. We successfully optimise business processes.

Kapsch Culture

For the Kapsch Group, values are an essential element of company culture. In our work we create lasting values for the future and make an active contribution to a responsible, socio-political development. 

These are the employees, the management, executive board members and the owners of the Kapsch Group.

We understand responsibility as acting in the interests of the company and its employees, bearing the consequences and taking initiative.

We understand transparency as being open in dealing with information, as well as the traceability of our decisions and actions in daily communication.

We understand respect as the basis of our cooperation, mutual recognition of our achievements and the opinion of others.

We understand performance as the result of the dedication and the success of each individual employee who contributes to achieving our common goals.

We understand freedom as using and designing a defined scope of action and developing this through personal engagement.

We understand family to be pulling all on the same rope, strengthening our bonds and supporting one another.

We understand dynamic as our determination toward continuous change and willingness to achieve newly established goals.

We understand discipline as the adherence to rules which govern our living and working together and the commitment to our values.


Society and culture

From the very beginning, the Kapsch Group lives up to its socio-political responsibility and supports global selected cultural and social institutions and projects. As a productive and committed part of society, we appreciate and support the work of charitable institutions for the global fight against poverty, support education-oriented projects, improving living conditions for people in developing countries on the long term and promote the activities of the Médecins sans Frontières, an internationally accepted and world-wide operating organisation, providing medical assistance for inadequately supplied people.
We also have partners in cultural areas, such as the Wiener Konzerthaus since 1992 or the world’s best known festival of contemporary music “Wien Modern” – even since its foundation in 1989. The Kapsch Group also supports the HONART Festival, the event series “Kultur im Tempel” in the Kobersdorf synagogue as well as the Jewish Museum Vienna.
Furthermore, we want to mobilise an interested public for aspiring artists and make their artwork accessible. The art calendar offers such a platform to artists since 1994.


Environmental responsibility

When it comes to environmental protection and climate protection, too, Kapsch is taking the right steps. These include a corporate strategy geared to sustainability and the economical use of resources, and a corresponding environmental policy in all areas of the Kapsch Group – in development, in production, and in applications.
With any business activity come the consumption of resources and the emission of climate-relevant substances. Kapsch is intensively working on minimising these effects. Environmental issues are firmly established throughout the company and the company group will also live up to its socio-political responsibilities in the future and use natural resources even more economically.



Quality management is lived out in all areas of our company and its subsidiaries. It is based on an integrated management system, which is regularly checked and constantly optimised in the course of internal and external audits. Employees also have the opportunity to contribute their ideas.


Safety at work

Kapsch places particularly strong value on safety at work, since some of its employees work on motorways and gantries. In order to be able to offer our employees the right and necessary protection for their workplace, all risks and specified working conditions have been recorded, and the corresponding measures drawn up and implemented. These regular checks are not just carried out on hazardous workplaces, but in the interests of work safety they are also carried out on office workplaces.



Kapsch takes central aspects of sustainability very seriously, not least because of its own business purpose. In the focus of all related activities is the economic and considerate use of resources of all kinds, preserving profitability and innovative strength as well as ensuring equal opportunities and fairness for all relevant interest groups. The highest goal is to secure the company’s stability in consideration of all economic, ecologic and social aspects. Kapsch commits itself to a consistent focus on sustainability. Thus, sustainability is becoming a stronger integral element in our daily activities and a supporting pillar of our company strategy.

Management philosophy

The management philosophy of the Kapsch Group

Leadership means influencing and giving direction
Our leadership philosophy comprises eight elements, which revolve around the core values followed by management; these values are actively promoted through our managers leading by example.
At a glance
The management philosophy is based on our shared values such as discipline, dynamic, performance, freedom, family, respect, transparency and responsibility.
Cooperative leadership
Our managers work together in trusting relationships with their teams and employees. They support their teams in developing and implementing innovative solutions.  This cooperative leadership style reinforces the self-initiative and motivation of employees.
Internationalisation leads to creativity and diversity
Working with others across the entire world broadens the horizons of our managers. Cross-border collaboration enhances the creative and innovative potential of the entire Kapsch Group.
Performance brings success
Employees are supported and challenged. We recognise and reward good performance; we value our people thinking and acting in a business-like manner, and taking the initiative in areas beyond their own responsibilities.

Progress via responsibility
Our managers view responsibility as a duty to be consistent.  The individual responsibilities of managers are not limited to their own spheres of competence.
Diversity through cooperation
Together with their employees, our managers cultivate a working atmosphere that is free of prejudices and stereotypes. Every single employee should feel valued – irrespective of gender, race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age, sexual orientation and identity.

Quality through trust
We are united by our desire for sustained success. Managers have confidence in their employees, which creates a broad scope for action, encouraging new ideas and solutions, supporting processes to resolve conflicts and dispelling concerns about failures and making mistakes.

Excellence through innovation
One of the most important tasks for our managers is to work on integrating promising innovations and consistently improving our standards. This also involves enhancing and improving the skills and qualifications of our employees.

Success through communication
The managers of the Kapsch Group view leadership as their calling, and enjoy it. They communicate clearly and with high regard, laying emphasis on information and feedback.


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