Katharina Schermann

Trainee 2015 - 2017, Kapsch Group

In November 2015 I had the chance to be the first trainee to spend a station abroad at ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) in Johannesburg, South Africa. Yes, you read correctly: Johannesburg! Joburg – or Jozi, as people from South Africa say – is perhaps not the most beautiful city, but the innovative mindset and willingness to experiment new business ideas is great in young South Africa.

As I arrived in Johannesburg, I tried to make my way through the crowds of minibus taxis and commuters to my new workplace and second trainee station. My first station was in a very creative department, namely “Internal Communications”. I now wanted to demonstrate my abilities in South Africa in a numerically-oriented department. It was soon clear to me that I would like to join the “Business Intelligence” team. This freedom, to be able to choose the area you want to gain experience in, is what makes the trainee program at Kapsch so special.

Within the Business Intelligence area, I was given the opportunity to collaborate on various projects and gain insight into topics such as the analysis of Key Performance Indicators and SQL. A special highlight for me was the introduction of an incentive scheme to different departments at ETC. I broadened my horizons, not only professionally but also inter-culturally as South Africa is a melting pot of different ethnic groups, languages and religions.

After six months in the South African subsidiary, I have taken a lot of positive impressions, friendships and experiences back to Austria. I look forward to my third station in Human Resource Management in Vienna. 

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