Dominik Scheidl

Trainee 2013-2015, Kapsch TrafficCom AG

I definitely benefitted a lot from my experiences in New Zealand – personally and work-wise. I wanted to get a different point of view on the world and spend some time outside of Europe. Furthermore I wanted to enhance my knowledge in the field of advanced traffic management systems. The timing was perfect, as Kapsch acquired Transdyn (an US-company that develops an advanced traffic management central system) in January 2014. One of their biggest customers is the NZTA (New Zealand Transport Agency), which operates two traffic management centers in Auckland and Wellington. In order to being able to work on a live system, I completed an expert training in Atlanta, USA. Then I was off to Auckland, New Zealand, where I was living and working for about five months. The first month I was occupied with systems enhancements and smaller projects. The main project I was working on was the integration of a tunnel north of Auckland into DYNAC (Kapsch’s traffic management backoffice solution). This was a very interesting and complex project, which gave me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge in many areas.

I am grateful that Kapsch gave me the opportunity to choose the subsidiary and the professional field on my own. I think that my time abroad was a win-win for both sides, as it helped to understand the employees in that particular region, which helps to improve the communication and therefore the team spirit across borders. For me personally I gained a lot. Besides enhancing my English and my professional knowledge, I was able to get to know a very interesting culture, an amazing country and a lot of new people and friends.

I used the opportunity and travelled around for three weeks after my participation in the project, which gave me the chance to see most of this extraordinary country. I definitely recommend anyone to go abroad, if he or she gets the chance to do it, as it was one of the best experiences I made so far.

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