Albert Hayr

Senior Expert, Kapsch CarrierCom AG

From commercial apprentice to senior expert
Albert Hayr, Senior Expert Service Applications/Kapsch CarrierCom AG, on his career path at Kapsch

“In 1995 I started an apprenticeship at Kapsch as a 17-year-old, after having left the technical college (Höhere Technische Lehranstalt, HTL) at the end of my second year without graduating. To my surprise, the first couple of years in the workshop were set up in a similar way to as in a college. Whilst the daily agenda again mainly consisted of “learning”, I was however much more motivated than I had been at HTL. This motivation came from the apprentice bonus system on the one hand, and was brought out by the trainers themselves on the other. Both the motivation of our trainers and the apprentice bonus system led us to achieve the highest performance.

With any training there is the problem that today, using yesterday’s syllabus, you are attempting to teach the knowledge someone will need tomorrow. This repeatedly led to discussions, especially when circuit diagrams created using a PC were not accepted by the vocational college, and similarly over the use of “Normschrift”, the standardised lettering for use on technical drawings, and over the filing of steel.

From the second half of the second year of the apprenticeship, you are moved out of the apprentice workshops and into various departments in the Kapsch Group. At the start of my third year, I went to Kapsch CarrierCom, where I’m still working today. In the early years, I worked in the I&C department and on DMS 100 for alternative network operators. Towards the end of my apprenticeship, I and the other apprentices were even given exclusive responsibility for carrying out smaller projects. I can certainly say that as an apprentice at Kapsch you were and are taken seriously right from the start and fully integrated into the work processes.

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