Kapsch as employer.

Tradition and innovation, efficiency and growth.

Meet the team

Meet the team.

As a Kapsch member of staff, we will offer you individual, goal-oriented and in-depth support; we aim to support you step by step along your career path. Underlining the point that employees are a central focus at Kapsch, we can highlight the fact that Kapsch Partner Solutions GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kapsch AG, exists as a dedicated company with responsibility for all human resources issues, including staff development and training. At Kapsch Partner Solutions GmbH, HR experts ensure all-round professional support for staff and innovative initial training and continuing training concepts.

Your start at Kapsch

Mentoring: When you come to Kapsch as a new entrant, you are not left on your own, but you are given long-term support from a mentor from the HR and your special department field right from your entry. They are, for instance, experienced division managers or other colleagues, who will help you with your first steps into the exciting world of Kapsch and are available as consultation partners at any time.

Onboarding – an information event for new entrants
During this three-day event “Kapsch Connected”, the new entrants receive general information about the Kapsch Group and learn all necessary details about the subsidiary, which they will be a member of. The Kapsch Group places particularly strong value on its corporate culture and management philosophy. Therefore these topics will be presented, as well as trainings and further education and basic structures of the Kapsch University. Furthermore, new entrants are given an overview of the guidelines of the company policy, summarising the principles concerning quality, environment, safety at work, risk management, information security and equal treatment. After an introduction to the new work and office surroundings and the everyday work at Kapsch, including topics such as health, safety and helpdesk, the essential tasks and duties of our company, such as sustainability, environmental protection and the economical use of resources, are emphasised.


Staff development and organisational development

Consistent and continuous development of staff and of the organisational structures ranks amongst the most important tasks for our company. Because only the best-trained, best-motivated and committed staff – who enjoy their work, together with a strong, fast-acting and flexible corporate organisation ensure that Kapsch is ‘always one step ahead’ and able to act successfully on its innovations in the national and global market.
As strategic issues of fundamental importance, both “staff development” and “organisational development” are under the direct responsibility of the Kapsch Group CEO, Georg Kapsch.

Development @ Kapsch

Development @ Kapsch

The development of our employees is a core element of the human resources policy of Kapsch Group. For this reason, many opportunities are available to you for expanding your competences and skills. We are eager to challenge you, heighten your interest and position the expansion of competences at the focus of individual development. In this regard, we place value on maintaining and improving your performance by means of the various measures offered.


Career @ Kapsch

Career @ Kapsch

Involvement and productivity are reflected at Kapsch in the career paths – the career paths on offer include not only the classic management careers and a success path in project management; we also offer experts opportunities to develop their specialized competence in depth.

The goals of the success paths are to strengthen work satisfaction and motivation from the employee perspective as well as to increase the benefits of flexibility enjoyed by employees. The goals for us as a company are focused on the framework that enables you to achieve high performance and motivation.

Career path destinations

Our career paths

Kapsch Group offers three career paths that help every individual develop his or her capabilities. These are not limited to the classic management path with various scopes of responsibility and authority in disciplinary and productivity matters; they also include the development of experts within their respective areas of expertise in connection with staged expansion of their freedom of action. The project management career path reflects the importance of project management within the entire group and represents an excellent opportunity for opening oneself to new experiences, even if only on a temporary basis.

Career path

Competence matrix

The competence matrix of our company

Human resources and organization development at Kapsch is based around promoting four fields of competence.

The goal of all measures is to develop the employees in a balanced manner, according to the fields of competence. We avoid one-dimensional development measures in the conviction that learning is a multidimensional process.

Competence matrix

Human resources development / The right measure at the right time and the right place

How does one identify the “optimal” employee with an appropriate education and the ideal personal background for specific positions at the company? This question lies at the heart of employee development and support. After all, a good fit is essential when assembling a team that functions effectively – for the employees as well as for the company. Correctly filled positions generate satisfaction and a promise of success, and this is equally true for the employee and for the company. A willingness to be flexible, professional dedication to the matter at hand and enthusiasm for the company, its issues, processes and strategies are critical in this context. Broad interests, lifelong learning, the courage to accept change and the willingness to depart from old ways, are also essential aspects. A wide range of instruments and offerings are available within the framework of staff development.
The annual employee appraisal meeting is a given and also forms the primary basis for defining an employee’s further development and potential career path, after prior feedback.

“When we speak of education and learning, it is not just about support in the further development of our employees but also a wide range of specific, forward-looking offerings – from the Assessment Center and foreign assignments to the CIP, which ensures the continuous improvement of our structures and forms of organization. It is of primary importance that our employees are interested in and enjoy the process of personal development and that they demonstrate the courage to engage with new concepts and changes,” says Doris Kruschitz-Bestepe.

Doris Kruschitz-Bestepe

Doris Kruschitz-Bestepe

HR Executive Expert

Organization development

Organization development

We understand business to mean change. Markets are subject to constant changes and upheavals, and we want to participate in shaping this global process while changing with it. To accomplish this, we rely on the ability of our employees, structures and forms of organization to adapt flexibly and develop further in continuous processes oriented around innovation, integration and the future.

This requires a fundamentally positive attitude toward change, both on the part of the company in its core strategic orientation and on the part of every single employee. “Change” is consciously undertaken and promoted at Kapsch, and all employees are “brought along” in change processes. We maintain a forward-looking error and conflict culture: Clarity is more important to us than harmony. The achievement of this goal is supported by operational instruments such as coaching, supervision, the continuous improvement process (CIP), strategy workshops, team development and integration assistance.

Team philosophy @ Kapsch

Team philosophy @ Kapsch

In teams and workgroups, our philosophy of collaboration is represented by the 5 Cs. Employees who pull together and drive each other to achieve high performance are particularly welcome with us.

Team philosophy

Kapsch University

Kapsch University

“For Kapsch Group employees, being involved with the courses offered by the Kapsch University is one of the key elements as part of their individual career planning and personal development. As with the company as a whole, in the training work for the Kapsch Group it is the employees who are the central focus. In return, we expect a high level of self-interest on the part of employees in their further training, since it is only if there is a corresponding commitment that genuine progress is made, leading to the optimal realisation of personal goals. Further training is not an end in itself, but as part of our corporate strategy it is a key component in securing the future of the company and increasing the market value of the company and of its products and solutions. We need intelligent concepts and strategies from the best-trained, highly-motivated employees who are competent in their field and at the inter-personal level, from employees who are ‘always one step ahead’.
It is in this spirit that I invite you to accept the wide-ranging offers from the Kapsch University, and to make use of these in your own interests as well as in the interests of the company as a whole. I wish you every success in this.”

Yours Georg Kapsch

Georg Kapsch

Georg Kapsch

Chairman of the Kapsch Group

"Always one step ahead!"

“Always one step ahead!”
This motto is a core concept of Kapsch University.

As a vision statement, it manifests not only as the strategy of our company but also as a constant guide for you as an employee. Anyone wishing to always be one step ahead must seek out further education and develop his or her personal skills. Kapsch University is a strategic educational endeavor, and the the employees of the company lie at the heart of this endeavor.

The objective: Long-term consolidation and further optimization of professional and social skills in the interests of a future-oriented and consistent company strategy directed toward market strength. An essential component of this is the “inner commitment” of every participant to complete the offered programs by earning the associated recognition or certification in order to make an incalculable contribution to the success of the company by means of individual development. Or to put it another way: The company management creates the framework, and the employees must productively fill this framework. The expenses for continuing education are born by the company but also by the employees by contributing their free time. Our management staff actively participates in designing the program of Kapsch University.

Worldwide Job Rotation

Working across borders

A company like Kapsch, which operates on a global footing with branches and subsidiaries all around the world, lives by the productive exchange and intensive, cross-department and trans-national collaboration between its many specialists. Job rotation is therefore understood to be a key part of the corporate culture at Kapsch. Staff from the head office in Vienna spend some time in a branch in another country or – conversely – specialists from its subsidiaries work on a particular project in the head office. The aim is an exchange of knowledge and information, productive interaction between different cultures, and a process of getting to know one another which extends beyond borders and language barriers. It benefits our company as a whole, benefits our employees, and – not least – benefits our customers.

Rudolf Bernscherer, HR Manager Kapsch Group, on International Exchange
“Kapsch is about global presence and a cosmopolitan attitude. We are only able to play such a decisive role on the global market in as much as we appreciate and cultivate diversity, creativity, and our curiosity. That is why we offer employees opportunities for job rotation, collaboration with teams worldwide, and an international career. All participants benefit from this type of exchange and flexibility. That is why supporting and also requiring diversity, which is the decisive factor in the company’s success, is so personally important to me.”

At first glance, Poland may seem to many Europeans to be a rather uninteresting country. One could not be more mistaken, however, as was proven by my foreign posting to Kapsch Telematic Services in Warsaw, without a doubt the highlight of my trainee time at Kapsch.
- Boris NenchevCommercial Project Management Kapsch TrafficCom AG
It was a very enriching job experience for me and I was able to acquire additional soft skills and business related expertise.
- Nancy Cabero MenciaDesign & Marketing Kapsch TrafficCom AG Argentina S.A.
I am often asked if it was always a dream of mine to live and work in various places all across the globe.
- Damien Delamare All-IP Voice Core Kapsch CarrierCom AG



In handling and working with diversity, we make use of the model presented by Gardenswartz and Rowe. These four dimensions firmly support our intensive work in this area as a globally active company.


Integration and diversity

The exchange of ideas across borders is a daily challenge at an international company such as the Kapsch Group. A variety of language courses are therefore on offer, while diversity and intercultural trainings promote multicultural understanding and awareness.
Various work models and special offers for employees returning to work also take into consideration the various demands of professional and family life. An equal treatment advocate and family advocate is responsible for protecting the interests of all.


Source: In accordance with Gardenswartz and Rowe (1994, p.33)

Intercultural training

The subject of diversity is the basis for another training focus of our Kapsch University – intercultural management. To promote the ability to work with people of different origins, from different nations and with different needs, we offer an extensive range of training in these areas.


Family room @ Kapsch

Family Room @ Kapsch

In the audit “family and profession” of October 2014 we already aimed at supporting families even more. We are now very pleased to introduce the “family room” to you.

This room is available for all employees of Kapsch Group whose childcare was canceled in short term. Please be aware that the child is on your supervisory duty at all times.

The “family room” is equipped with a colorful couch, a small table, toys and a whiteboard and has enough space for two children. Besides there are two working spaces, so the parent can hold a meeting while the kid or kids are playing. We want to support parents whose usual childcare has been canceled in short term and thus contribute to the compatibility of family and work.

Family Room 1
Family Room 2

Women @ Kapsch

Women on the path to success

Kapsch Group wants to attract competent women to the company and offer them interesting career opportunities. Hence we started several initiatives under the motto “Women@Kapsch” that make us a particularly attractive employer for women. Topics such as internal exchange of experience, networking and the reduction of barriers are thereby of high importance. Flexible working hours are considered as a matter of course to ensure a better reconciliation of work and family. We offer this model to men and women – that creates equal opportunities.

Organizational Talent, Time Management and Soft Skills Not Only Required on the Job!
- Thomas BerneLegal, Kapsch Group
job + family + Kapsch = flexibility and career 

- Jutta HanleLeader Corporate Communications Kapsch BusinessCom AG
I greatly value the good working atmosphere and the team spirit at Kapsch Components. Here I am given the chance of taking on new challenges time and again.
- Martina SzaboHead of Production Kapsch Components GmbH & Co KG


Kapsch employees have it better.

A company looking to be always that decisive step ahead of the others in the competition for technological leadership needs one thing above all else: committed and motivated employees who are fit to face the challenges of the future. In addition to performance-related pay, Kapsch offers its employees a comprehensive and varied range of attractive additional services and benefits. From its health and sports programmes to flexible working times, lunch vouchers and discounted purchasing opportunities to profit-sharing options and programmes for a secure future. You will be informed comprehensively about these in our candidate interviews.

    Flexible working hours Our flexible working hours, bridge day regulations and Christmas holidays offer our employees a good work- life balance and flexibility
    Homeoffice Upon consultation with the supervisor, tasks can be done at home for up to six days a month. Also in our office rooms and open space offices we offer the latest workplace infrastructure.
    Food subsidies The company provides lunch menus in the local businesses located in the vicinities.
    Purchase discounts Via our work Councils purchase discounts are provided for all Kapsch employees.
    Health programmes We offer operational assistance for the maintenance of physical health and employability of our employees.
    Company doctor For medical care, health and well-being of our employees, a company doctor is available at any time.
    Occupational pension Kapsch provides various insurance models for a pension for every single employee.
    Anniversary celebrations/bonuses Our long-time devoted employees are honoured with anniversary bonuses and a festive celebration.
    Profit sharing According to a company agreement, employees are given a fair share of the profits of the respective group enterprises
    Paternal leave and part-time model We offer a great deal of paternal leave and part-time models for our employees in order to combine family and working life.
    Excellent infrastructure There are many possibilities to cover personal demands due to close proximity of shopping streets, pharmacies, insurance companies, restaurants and nearby shopping facilities.
    Central location The central location on Europlatz 2 in Meidling, Vienna, provides an excellent connection to public transportation (subway, rapid transit railway, Badner train, the bus lines: 7A, 15A, tramway line 62).
    Staff events Kapsch organises regular staff events, such as barbecues, soccer matches or ski weekends, to give employees the chance to get together in a pleasant atmosphere outside of the everyday work situation.
    Worldwide Job Rotation Kapsch is a globally operating company. Kapsch facilitates exchange of experiences and know-how by giving employees the chance to develop and integrate in other locations around the globe.
    Education offers We offer many opportunities for further education to all our employees in the Kapsch University with subject-specific seminars. Our training for apprentices and trainees produces a continual breath of fresh air in our company. Our motto: 'life-long learning!'

Employee Events

Kapsch Small Field Soccer Tournamment & Family-Day

The Kapsch Small Field Football Tournament, which is held every September at the sports grounds of the Maria Theresia Barracks in Vienna-Meidling, remains a very popular event.

The proceeds from the entire day as well as all donations collected in advance are given to a different charitable cause each year.
The event, which takes place with the generous support of the Austrian Armed Forces, is a great opportunity for employees of the Kapsch Group to enjoy an afternoon and evening together in a family atmosphere – whether at the snack tent, on the soccer field or in the stands.
In addition to numerous, sometimes international teams from all key companies of the Kapsch Group, teams from other companies also take part in the tournament to deliver many exciting matches as the teams compete for victory.
CEO Georg Kapsch makes special emphasis of the fact that the tournament proceeds are used for a good cause: “Football and Kapsch don’t really have anything to do with each other – but Kapsch always likes to support a charitable cause. I am especially pleased when employees like our organiser, Franz Schreiber, support such an event with their personal efforts – that’s worth more than any donation!”

Business Run & Women`s Run

Kapsch is always one step ahead! This was proven once again at the Business Run and Women`s Run, Austria’s largest running events, in which many employees of the Kapsch Group participate every year.

Perhaps you’d like to join in next time on the route through the Prater and Krieau or the Vienna Ringstraße and also be one step ahead?

Ski day or ski weekend

The ski day or ski weekend, which has meanwhile become an annual event, brings Kapsch employees together on the ski slopes, regardless of whether on skies, snowboard or on a sledge.

This annual, internal get-together enjoys great popularity and demands an extraordinary athletic effort from our employees. In teams they have to prove their skills in different, modern winter sport disciplines, such as snow tubing. However, it goes without saying that having fun and networking are the most important goals of this event.

Kapsch BusinessCom Grillparty

Team building, communication and fun with live music and a grill buffet.

The annual grill party of Kapsch BusinessCom is already a fixed highlight of the summer. Held in the courtyard of the Kapsch BusinessCom building on Wienerbergstrasse, the summer party is the perfect opportunity for in-depth discussions, sharing ideas and getting to know colleagues. Kapsch BusinessCom: One large family full of dedication and ideas.

Kapsch Group Christmas party

For years, the executives at Kapsch have invited all employees to a Christmas party. Up to 1,300 employees of the Kapsch family participate and come all the way from Linz, Graz or even Klagenfurt. Colleagues from our subsidiaries around the world, who are in Vienna at the time, are very welcome as well!

Apart from the annual solemn speech by Mag. Georg Kapsch, it is all about the festive gathering of the many colleagues from all corners of the Kapsch universe. A lush catering, musical entertainment and activities such as Christmas handicrafts provide a glamorous warm-up for the Christmas and advent season.